Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hot Bipasha Basu In Sexy Video-Omkara

This video is Bipasha Basu Shasaying to the Spicy sexy tunes in Omkara in Picture Perfect Outfit. Wallpaper Looks... The song actualy grows on you after some time, though initially it wouldn't be that great.
You can download the video using a firefox plugin.

And Bipasha Basu is so sexy, ever more sexier with the new Dimple, and Skimpilly Clad dress. And for those who came via google searching for Nude Pictures Bipasha Basu Nude. This is not the place for you, for you will find no Bipasha basu naked Pictures here for wallpapers. But you can still enjoy the video, and picturise Bipasha everytime you hear an MP3 of the song.

Have you heard that Phone conversation between Bipasha Basu and Amar Singh lol...
I have some good Bipasha basu Pictures.

the spicy and grainy background adds to the titilation of the male egoes.


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