Friday, December 14, 2007

Sonam Kapoor A star in the making

Why I think Sonam Kapoor will do better than many of the other Kapoor Actresses related or not. Unlike the other Kapoors, she is pretty. Her dad Anil Kapoor is a very serious actor, and with him managing her career, as the rumour go, She is bound to have some real good teachings, and she has screen presence..

The charisma ( not Karishma ) of Shabna Azmi or Tabu.. those looks that make them look aprt from the crowed. And she don't seem very pretentious like other star kids... More like Abhishek Bachchan.. Hoping to see more of her..

And I am sure Rakeysh Mehra's film "Delhi 6" will be a Hit.. Here wishing Sonam Kapoor the best for her second film...


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